Tangerine Dream
The Polish Postcards

These "Polish Postcards" contain music taken illegally from official LPs or CDs. And, also similar, it is unknown whether these itmes really have been made in Poland and for the Polish market.
They had been used in the eighties in East Europe to distribute music among fans because LPs from Western bands were not available. The recordings are made of a very thin clear vinyl layer covering a postcard image side. The music is stamped onto the plastic layer. For this reason, the sound quality is extremely poor.
[comments taken from Dream Collector, Number 8 - September 1994. (c) by Dream Collector, Peter Stöferle]

1st Set


Roaring Of The Bliss
Sun Gate
Alexander Square
One For The Bocks
On The Spur Of The Moment
Kiew Mission
Emperors Castle
Down The Avas
Dolls In The Shadow
Brandenburg Gate
Ashes To Ashes
Teetering Scales
After The Call
Peacock Island
Paradise Love
Long Island Sunset
Electric Lion
Cold Smoke
Beaver Town
Atlas Eyes
All Of A Dither


(examples only)

Roaring Of The Bliss Ashes To Ashes Teetering Scales

2nd Set

Pocztowki Dzwiekowe
Polpress 029

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